Common Systematic Medications For Psoriasis

It is a known fact psoriasis has no sure but there are several modes of treatment for the problem that are effective in alleviating the different symptoms associated with psoriasis and prevent the flare up situations. The various treatments for the problem include  home remedies, undergoing special psoriasis diet, psoriasis cure through light therapy, acupuncture, homeopathy, topical treatments, etc. All treatment forms that include taking medicines for the problem internally is known as systematic therapy. These therapies are suggested to patients that suffer from moderate to severe types of psoriasis conditions.

As in many psoriasis cases what works for an individual in a certain situation may not work for the other. This however does not at all mean that a psoriasis patient should give up his or her search for the treatment that suits him. There are a lot of combinations of treatments that can be tried and can benefit any particular patient.  Many gels and creams are also used side by side with various different therapies to achieve long lasting results.

Some commonly used and effective systematic medication and treatments are discussed below. These are found to be very effective in stopping the flaring up of psoriasis in various individuals however some side effects that may be unpleasant can also be experienced so before you opt for any of these treatments consult your doctor first.


This treatment provides relief in anti metabolite cases. Psoriasis is generally a result of excessive generation of skin cells which is also referred to as abnormal turnover of skin cells. Methotrexate is known to interfere with this regeneration of the skin thus proving to be effective in psoriasis conditions.  Methotrexate is a very effective systematic treatment form used efficiently for treating moderate to severe psoriasis  along with treating painful psoriasis types as well.  Pustular psoriasis, severe plaque psoriasis and Erythrodermic psoriasis are also benefited from this treatment.


Methotrexate is usually taken in the form of injections or pills and normally one dose weekly is sufficient enough. A follow up in this situation in considered necessary to check whether or not the patient develops any side effects to the drug.

Oral Retinoids

These drugs are derived from Vitamin A and related products and are synthetic in nature. Vitamin A acid is very beneficial for the skin. One common form of drug derived from vitamin A is accutane or  isotretinoin which is also successfully used to treat acne. The forms of derivation popularly used to treat psoriasis include Soriatane or acitretin which is a form of oral retinoids and treats severe psoriasis.

This treatment is exceptional for severe skin conditions as it directly affects the growth and differentiation of skin cells. Soriatane and Accutane are very successful in clearing psoriasis and provide even better results when used with UV light therapy.

Use of soriatane takes several months to produce any result but once it does the results last for up to a year.  Initially the condition of psoriasis gets worse and then gradually starts to get better. Soriatane is effective in reducing the thickness, scaling and redness of the skin through slowing down the rapid skin regeneration process. Accutane is also beneficial in the same manner and can be taken regularly after meals.

Oral retinoids do have their share of side effects in the form of birth defects and so pregnant women and those who are planning pregnancy are asked to stay away from these. Further side effects include increasing of fats in the user’s blood, pancreas inflammation, sensitivity to UV light and burns, etc.


When patients of moderate or severe plaque type psoriasis of resistant type experience no betterment from light therapy, home remedies and other such treatments for psoriasis, cyclosporine is recommended to them.

It acts through suppressing  the immune system aspect which is responsible for flaring up psoriasis. This systematic medication as compared to others work very rapidly. Through using this drug relief is normally experienced within four to eight weeks of treatment. This drug is administered to patients in the form of pills which are taken once a day. One downfall of this treatment is that as you discontinue the medication the symptoms tend to return.

Some side effects of this drug include risk of cancer, high blood pressure, nausea, tumor, excess hair growth, etc.  Also use of this drug should be discontinued after a year approx as it can result in permanent cases of kidney failure.

There are several more drugs that can be prescribed by your doctor as a systematic treatment for psoriasis. It is advised that other holistic and natural treatment methods be tried first as these drug treatments are costly as well as dangerous in forms of permanent side effects they may produce.

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